Our Culture

Korth Rebel Foundation is an organization centered on three main objectives:

- Building life skills in hockey plays through team building and education

- Providing resources to coaches to further leadership training and enable certification in coaching.

- Coordinating financial and equipment allocations set aside to help new potential players enter into sports. 

Korth Rebels Foundation (KRF) was organized to fill the gap between sports training and life lessons that can be learned through exciting team play and inter-team interactions.

KRF was founded by Don Korth with a specific mission to provide these need aides to players and coaches and change the landscape of teaching in youth sports.  Don Korth has over 30 years experience in team sports and coaching youth.  We are assembling a board of directors with individual talents and abilities that strategically furthers the mission our organization. 

If you like to be part of KRF please email Don at korthit@yahoo.com or call 801 450 3614